Vohne Liche Kennels - U R Busted

K9 Meta alerted to over 6 Pounds

Marion Police Department’s
K9 Meta alerted to over 6 pounds of Crystal ‘’Ice‘’ Methamphetamine at our UPS facility this week. Further investigation, lead to the seized of 1/2 Kilo of Heroin, 1/2 Kilo of Cocaine, 5 pounds of Cannabis and $10,000 dollars in US Currency.

K-9 Zina tours the train station..

On January 17, 2019 at 0600 hours K-9 Zina and I started our tour of duty at the train station. We observed the train arrive which originated out of Los Angeles, CA. K-9 Zina and I had boarded the train. K-9 Zina was conducting sniff checks of luggage in the common luggage area and alerted to a large gray hard-sided suitcase. We observed a passenger pick up the large gray hard-sided suitcase and exit the train. I made contact with the passenger, who subsequently gave me consent to search the suitcase. I conducted a search of the suitcase and located 5.1 pounds of Methamphetamine that was inside of a large cookie box. I also located a pair of tennis shoes inside of the suitcase and located two bundles in the shape of insoles, which were determined to be 3 pounds Heroin.

After the arrest at the train station K-9 Zina and I continued our day at the bus station as normal. K-9 Zina showed no signs of being ill. At the end of our tour of duty K-9 Zina and I responded home and I fed her like any other day. I had placed K-9 Zina in her out door kennel as I routinely did every day for the past seven years. K-9 Zina and I had planned on returning to work later that evening as our squad had planned to work the bus station. I responded back out to K-9 Zina’s kennel to get her ready to head back into work and she did not run out of her kennel as she usually does. I observed K-9 Zina abdomen to be extremely bloated. I checked her mouth and observed her gums to be turning white in color so I knew that her circulation was being hindered. My wife was at home at the time and she also observed K-9 Zina to be in distress, so we made the decision to respond to The Veterinary Center of Liberty, located In Liberty, Missouri. K-9 Zina was examined by Lori Rohlfing DVM and K-9 Zina was rushed to have X-rays of her abdomen. Dr. Rohfling immediately was able to determine that K-9 Zina was suffering from Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) and that her stomach had twisted completely blocking blood flow to and from the stomach and the rest of her body (including to and from the heart). K-9 Zina also had a very low heart rate and it became apparent that she needed to have emergency surgery to save her life. Dr. Rohlfing rushed K-9 Zina into surgery hoping to save her life. K-9 Zina had to have her spleen removed and her stomach was placed back into place. K-9 Zina also had a Gastropexy procedure to keep her stomach from flipping in the future.

K-9 Zina was released a day later and came home. K-9 Zina was placed on limited duty for two weeks. During these two weeks K-9 Zina received consent treatment and supervision with the help of my wife and family. K-9 Zina made a speedy recovery and returned to full duty after the third week. K-9 Zina has made numerous narcotic and currency seizures since her return and we are truly thankful that she was able to recover. Since this incident I feed K-9 Zina small meals when she has enough time to eat with limited activity, which can be difficult with the work that she does. I also make sure to limit the amount of water intake so that she does not drink too much at one time.

In the end K-9 Zina’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle and was only possible with the help of DVM Lori Rohlfing and her team and the support of my family.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Part one; Marijuana
On 4-1-19 at 1800 hours CIS Detective Brinker along with Sgt. Tice assisted, DEA TFO with a freight investigation in the 3900 block of West Morris. DEA had lead information that a load of marijuana located at this local freight company. Due to the company’s, wishes this investigation was kept low key with minimal staffing. Detective Brinker utilized his partner, Kruz, who gave an indication to narcotic odor emanating from one trailer. A search warrant was applied for and granted. Detectives executed the search warrant on 2 palletized and shrink wrapped pieces of freight. Inside the shrink wrap was approximately 200 pounds of high grade marijuana (at least 24% THC). This load of marijuana was surrounded by 69 grow lights still in their original packaging.

Part Two: THC and Marijuana
On 4/2/19 Criminal interdiction Detective Brinker, his Canine Partner. Kruz, and Sgt. Tice assisted DEA TFO Chandler on another investigation at a local freight company in the 3900 block of West Morris. DEA had done some follow up with contacts at this freight company. Through their company’s records, they had learned of 4 more pallets that were destined for the same area, from the same origin, and with the same shipping individual. Kruz gave positive indication to one trailer and then positive indication on the pallets inside. A warrant was applied for and granted. Detectives executed the warrant and seized approximately 1,000 pounds of high potency THC edibles, vapes, and marijuana from these pallets.

Gary F. Hadden
Interdiction Detective
Narcotics Canine Handler/Trainer
Criminal Interdiction Section
Homeland Security Investigations T.F.O.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Department Of Public Safety
50 N. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

K-9 Zina Takes the Parcel.

K-9 Zina alerted to 4 parcels this morning. Two of them contained 17.4 pounds of marijuana. The other two contained currency $20,000.00

K-9 Zina delivers again.

K-9 Zina alerted to UPS parcel containing currency and 3 parcels at USPS. 5.8 lbs, 1.2 lbs, and 2.3 pounds marijuana.

K-9 Zina delivers.

K-9 Zina alerted to parcel at fed ex and ups today. 10 cartridges of THC OIL in fed ex box and $5,800 in UPS box.

K-9 Zina alerted.

K-9 Zina alerted to this grey suitcase at bus station this morning. Suspect located and located 27.3 pounds of marijuana.

K-9 Katie gave a positive indication on a BMW.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Interdiction Unit.

A traffic stop conducted by interdiction detectives: Joe Kraeszig and k9 Katie, Andy Patton and K9 Inch, assisted by detective Steve Brinker and K9 Kruz and detective Matthew Plummer. K9 Katie was deployed by Detective Kraezig and Katie gave a positive indication to the BMW, at which time the suspect fainted. Detectives discovered a hidden compartment and recovered 3 kilos of Cocaine.

K-9 Panda seized 1 kilo of methamphetamine.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Interdiction Unit.

Detective Miguel Roa and K9 Panda assisted by, Detective Stephanie Humerickhouse and K9 Lola, seized 1 kilo of methamphetamine and 3.5 ounces of heroin during a traffic stop.

K-9 Leona bundle of marijuana.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Interdiction Unit.

Parcel Interdiction case, involving Detective Gary Hadden and k9 Leona, with Detective Brian Thorla and K9 Hogan. Seized $265,000.00 USC and a 20 lb. bundle of marijuana and a plastic tub containing 14 lbs. of marijuana.

K-9 Brew seized 13lbs.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Interdiction Unit.

Sgt. Paul McDonald and his k9 partner “Brew” seized 13lbs. of methamphetamine concealed inside speakers, during a parcel investigation.

K-9 Zina alerted to a storage locker.

K-9 Zina alerted to a storage locker this afternoon. Search warrant obtained and located 10 pounds marijuana, 10 pounds of THC Wax, Edibles, and large amount of Butane used for making THC Wax

K9 spike responded with the Swat team.

Jaquan Wilkins.

On 06/03/18 a double attempted homicide occurred when the suspect shot his girlfriend and another subject and fled the scene. He was located 25 miles from the scene. K9 Officer Allen and K9 spike responded with the Swat team and locate the suspect. The suspect when confronted by Officer Allen and K9 Spike he surrendered. The suspect was charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Battery with a firearm.

K-9 Spike alerted on two packages.

Romeoville Police Department.

Ofc. Allen of Romeoville Police Dept in Illinois conducted an investigation of a suspicious package at the FedEx warehouse. K9 Spike alerted on two packages which contained $570,640 and $241,320 in liquid cannabis. A search warrant was obtained and executed on the residence that delivery was made to. K9 Spike located an addition $1,480.00 in edibles, $33,680.00 liquid and $12,640.00 in leaf cannabis in the residence as well as $24,874 in US currency in a safe along with manufacturing equipment that was seized from the residence.

K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning.

K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning. Search warrant obtained and located 1.2 pounds Methamphetamine.

K-9 Grom finds 34.2 pounds of meth.

K-9 Grom found 34.2 pounds of meth which is equiviant to $2.8 Million dollar street value!! Here a picture of the meth "G-unit" got this last Sunday. The vehicle was stopped for moving violation. Driver refused a consensual search, G was deployed and alerted on the vehicle. The meth was headed to Evansville Indiana. A handgun was also found in the vehicle. His new handler is Jeff Baker. He has only been handling him for 2 weeks.. "G" is one of the best detection dogs I’ve ever seen!!!!

John Hankins
Wheeler County Sheriff's Office (TX)

K-9 Max gets the cash...

K-9 Max found $85,000 in cash.
Richmond PD Indiana

K-9 Grom 1 UR Busted!

Very first K-9 deployment on a traffic stop resulted in finding 3 ounces of marijuana.
Handler Deputy Brandon Hankins
Wheeler County Sheriffs Department TX

K-9 Rayco’s UR Busted!

This afternoon we received a call from a TX DPS Trooper who requested the assistance of the Wise County K-9 unit on a traffic stop. Rayco and Sgt. Manoushagian responded and conducted a sniff of a medium sized RV. Rayco indicated on the exterior of the vehicle and then we went inside to conduct an internal sniff. In the back near the bed Rayco responded again. A search of the cabinet revealed 9 pounds of high grade marijuana vacuum seal in plastic packages.
Handler Sgt. Jay-T Manoushagian
Wise Co. S.O., Texas

K-9 Rayco’s Pretty Decent!

On Friday, September 4, 2015 K9 Rayco had a pretty decent and unusual find on the Highway. We stopped a southbound passenger car for speed and after contacting the driver, we immediately knew something was up. The driver denied consent to search and I deployed Rayco on a sniff of the vehicle. He literally drug me to the vehicle and gave a positive indication. In the trunk, we found 141.6 grams (Appx. 5 ounces) of psilocybin mushrooms, 47.9 grams (1.7 ounces) of hash oil, and about 1.8 ounces of marijuana.
Handler Sgt. Manoushagian & K-9 Rayco
Wise Co. S.O., Texas

K9 alerted - UR BUSTED!

K9 alerted on blue duffle going from Detroit to Nashville. 1112 oxycodone and morphine pills, 1.5 oz heroin.
Louisville Metro, KY

K-9 Harlej - UR BUSTED!

-Approx 120lbs of marijuana
-330,000 in cash
-4 guns - 1 stolen
-Multiple pills
Handler Officer Koopman & K-9 Harlej
Fishers PD, IN

K9 Rayco’s Biggest todate.

Total amount was 71.5 pounds of medical marijuana with an estimated street value of $170,400. The original stop was conducted by the Texas Highway Patrol who then called us in for a K-9 sniff. This was Rayco’s first large find since we graduated!
Handler Sgt. Manoushagian & K-9 Rayco
Wise Co. S.O., Texas

Wise Co. S.O., Texas


K9 Loki off the blocks.


Congratulations to Sgt. Mike Thompson and K9 Loki of the Roanoke City, VA Police Department on a job well done. After K9 Loki was donated to the police department by Dr. Caesar DePaço the K9 team went into training. Fresh out of certification and the second day on the streets K9 Loki finds 8 lbs of Marijuana. I see many more great finds in the future for this K9 team. Another perfectly trained K9 from Vohne Liche Kennels that hit the streets.


K9 college assist.


While assisting the local college with dorm room searches, K-9 Andor alerted on a door bottom. A search of the room revealed a mason jar with approximately 1.5 Ounce of Marijuana and 37 pills used as downers. A felony investigation is pending.
Handler Daniel Chesser & K-9 Andor
Talladega Police Department, AL


K9 Angel B.O.E.T..


On 12/8/2014 while on routine patrol on I-40 EB, west of Albuquerque, NM I conducted a traffic stop on a Ford F-250 with Minnesota registration. The pair, both male, had driven from Duluth, MN to Los Angeles, CA, stayed one day and were on the return trip. The driver was extremely nervous and after receiving conflicting stories from both driver and passenger, I ask for permission to search. The passenger (registered owner) denied consent to search. I then deployed my Biological Odor Enhancement Tool, K9 Angel.

K9 Angel alerted on the passenger side rear of the pickup and stood on her hind legs trying to see into the bed. I opened the tail gate and K9 Angel jumped into the bed, made a "bee-line" to the tool box and sat.

Myself and Detective Kelly Sinclair located 21 vacuumed sealed 5 lb bags of high grade marijuana. Motor oil was used to mask odor...it didn't work.


K9 Leon assisted..


On 9/3/14 in the afternoon, K9 Leon assisted a federal agency at a residence which resulted in a seizure of $1,469,000 in United States Currency and 4 Kilos of heroin within the Residence. K9 Leon also alerted on a hidden trap in the mini van.

On the same day, 9/3/14 in the evening but unrelated case, K9 Leon assisted a state interdiction team on a seizure of $1,716,000 in United States currency.
Officer Liazuk & K-9 Leon
Bolingbrook PD, IL


Cooperation wins the day.


Cpl. Phares / K9 Kazan (right) and Cpl. Peters/ K9 Alex (left) with the Dothan (AL) Police Dept. aided Houston Co. (AL) Sheriffs Office in locating over 6200 grams of synthetic marijuana along with a Glock handgun. We were both called to search a group of storage buildings when the dogs indicated on one unit. Both dogs later searched a vehicle where more evidence was located which tied the suspect to the storage unit. ....
Cpl. Phares / K9 Kazan (right) and Cpl. Peters/ K9 Alex (left)
Dothan (AL) Police Dept. aided Houston Co.


Day five on the street.


Just a few photos of recent busts from Puerto Rico Police Department. Keep up the great work! Thank you for sharing with VLK!


Vehicle stopped for violation..


Friday October 31, 2014. A Vehicle was stopped for equipment violation. Consent to search denied. Andor gave a positive alert. The Marijuana was packaged for resale and was found in direct control of the person charged, which resulted in a felony charge. The Pistol was claimed by the suspect, charged with misdemeanor. The currency was taken as possible illegally obtained funds from the sell of narcotics....
Daniel Chesser & K-9 Andor
Talladega Police Department, AL


Day five on the street.


Day five on the street. ODA for Customs. No official amount but they are estimating around a million. Dog hit trunk where money was then did a money sniff at Police Dept. ....
Anthony Mazzuca & K-9 Korne
Elk Grove Village PD, IL


Flora bags the lot.


Flora and I ended with 9 boxes, Couple OZ of Molly, cocaine, hash, hash wax, 40 #'s of marijuana, suboxone, xanax, various other pills, scales, $$CASH$$, two guns, couple hundred rounds of ammo, and 2 cooperating suspect's....
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


Karson Gets The Cash!.


I was called out to assist Ohio State Highway Patrol on a traffic stop on I-71 in Clinton County. They had received information of possible drugs and/or cash being transported by members of a drug cartel traveling between Kentucky and Ohio. It was later found to be a federal investigation involving Columbus PD and the FBI. When I arrived on scene I deployed Karson around the vehicle and he alerted to the passenger side door area. I began to search the vehicle along with an OSP Sergeant and we discovered a secret compartment on both sides of the backseat area. The vehicle was towed to an OSP post where I was able to release one of the interior latches to open the compartment. The other compartment was electrically wired as a trap and was released after we pressed a button on the dashboard. The driver was arrested and I seized $314,532 in cash. Biggest find yet for Wilmington K9s. Thanks again for all the training Karson (Karzan) and I received at Vohne Liche Kennels.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K9 Flora finds 60 lbs. of Marijuana.


Flora ended up with 5 boxes (only 3 boxes in picture), totaling approximately 60 pounds of marijuana. Sent from Arizona to Milwaukee priority mail. Did 2 K&T’s developed main suspect in Milwaukee.
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


K-9 Karson Does it Again!


Yesterday I was dispatched to assist Clinton County Sheriff reference suspicious items inside of a trailer at a shipping warehouse in Wilmington. Once I got there I was told that one of the semi trailers was believed to have marijuana inside. I released Karson (Karzan) off leash to sniff the entire docking area. He went inside of one of the trailers and did not come back out and I found that he had alerted to two pallets inside. Clinton County Sheriff applied for a search warrant and we began to break down the pallets. Inside the pallets were hollowed out spaces containing 20 bundles of marijuana totaling 455 lbs.
This was our first “big hit” and once again I was proud of the training I had received from Vohne Liche Kennels.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K-9 Flora is not Framed.


Received a call from Louisville Metro with information a suspicious parcel was destined for Milwaukee WI, sent from Pharr TX. Located the parcel at the local sort facility, K9 FLORA alerted to parcel. Applied for and obtained a state search warrant for the parcel.
Inside the outer cardboard box was a freshly made wood picture frame / box with a heavy odor of fresh varnish, it was wrapped in green plastic bubble wrap, inside the wooden box was marijuana concealed in spray foam and vacuum seal bags.
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


K-9 Karzan Tracks em Down.


Yesterday I was dispatched to a Walmart theft in the city of Wilmington, OH. Upon arrival to the area I located the suspect vehicle and the driver refused to stop. I pursued the vehicle for 15 minutes into Clinton County at speeds over 115 mph. The vehicle eventually left the roadway into some snow covered corn fields where I was unable to pursue. Eventually officers in the area spotted the vehicle in the woods and the suspect bailed out and ran away. I deployed Karzan to the vehicle and he immediately began to track the suspect through thick woods and several frozen creeks. After 1 hour and over 1 mile of distance covered Karzan began to pull aggressively toward a large ravine. Next to the scent trail I located vomit from where the suspect had literally run himself sick. Karzan seemed to grow more aggressive from the vomit. As we tracked a little further Karzan raised his head and began to bark. I observed the suspect standing in the water trying desperately to get out of the ravine. I gave a K9 announcement and the subject surrendered. He was taken into custody without a struggle although I was hoping he would run away. Thanks to all of the tracking training I received in November and December of 2013 because it certainly paid off yesterday. The suspect was an active meth cook and currently out on parole. The only thing that stopped him was the idea that he was going to be shredded by Karzan.
Thanks to everyone at VLK.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K-9 Thor Puts The Hammer Down.


Here are some recent shots of K9 Thor. He graduated from VLK in December 2010. He is currently working with me for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Reno, NV. We are assigned to the Northern Nevada Interdiction Task Force. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has 9 VLK dogs assigned to the K9 Unit. Thor is the only single purpose dog we have.
The first photo is from 02/03/14. Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 69 pounds of marijuana.
The second is from 12/18/13. Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 41 pounds of marijuana.
The third is from 10/16/13 Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 86 pounds of marijuana.
Just to let you know that in the three years that I have handled Thor he has assisted in the seizure of over 2200 lbs of marijuana, 13 lbs of meth, 6 lbs of heroin, and over $1,000,000 in US Currency.


Wausau-area police seize $2 million in pot plants.


Wausau-area police seize $2 million in pot plants in Marathon County
Police say they seized thousands of dollars in cash and more than $2 million in marijuana plants after searching several local homes in what investigators say is the largest drug arrest in Marathon County history.
Members of the Marathon County Special Investigations Unit searched a Wausau home Thursday after receiving a call from a local delivery company about a suspicious package, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release. The Special Investigations Unit spearheads drug investigations for the county and includes officers from several area jurisdictions.
To read more, click here.


K-9 Zina Bags it.


K-9 Zina alerted to this bag this morning. Suspect traveling from San Bernardino, CA to Columbus, OH. Bag contained 5.6 pounds of heroin in liner of bag in between two boards. Flying to Columbus, OH with suspect for controlled delivery. - Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina Checks Lugage.


While conducting a check of luggage with K-9 Zina, K-9 Zina pulled me toward this suspect. Suspect immediately walked away from K-9 Zina and me. Watched the suspect for a bit and never claimed a bag. Suspect was having a difficult time walking and his shoes would not bend. Put K-9 Zina up and observed suspect inside of bus terminal. Made contact with suspect and gave me consent to search his person. Also gave me consent to search his tennis shoes and I located two bundle of heroin in the shape of insoles. Weighed 2.3 pounds. Suspect stated he was actually traveling from Los Angeles, CA, but was told to throw his ticket away in Las Vegas and then purchase a new ticket in Las Vegas. He was to do this the whole way. He made several text for me, at which time we realized his final destination would be Newark, NJ. Suspect was federally charged here in KCMO. - Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina alerted to parcel.


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel at UPS Overgoods on 1/2/14. 29.2 pounds of Marijuana. Label was not good but showed shipped from New Jersey. - Detective Garcia and K9 Zina - KCPD


K-9 Zina alerted to suitcase.


K-9 Zina alerted to this suitcase in passenger compartment of Greyhound bus. No one claimed suitcase and was recovered as abandoned. Located three bundles of hydro weighing 2.8 pounds. - Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina Alerted....Again.


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel at fed ex this morning (12/7/2013). Located 1.0 pounds of hydro in a wrapped gift. Coming out of Oakland, CA to Kansas City. – Det. Garcia & K9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina Alerted....


K-9 Zina Alerted to this parcel this morning (12/6/13) at UPS. Parcel was forwarded to me by a Detective of the Louisville Metro PD. Parcel contained three bags of hydro weighing 3 pounds. One suspect taken into custody. – Detective Garcia and K9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina "Delivers for UPS”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel at UPS Overgoods. Ended up containing Ecstasy tablets. Tested positive for Ecstasy. Coming from Canada to Brooklyn New York. Weighing 13 pounds. – Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina - KCPD


K-9 Zina "Delivers for Fed Ex”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning at Fed Ex. 6.1 pounds of hydro inside of dog food container.


K-9 Bas "Burns it up”


While Investigating a stolen vehicle complaint, officers detected the odor of burnt marijuana and obtained a search warrant. After recovering only a small amount of “personal use” marijuana PWD Bas was called to assist before officers cleared the scene. PWD Bas located approximately 33lbs of high grade marijuana most of which was still sealed in USPS or UPS containers. PWD Bas’ search also allowed officers to seize large amounts of cash, two handguns and one machine gun. – Sam Ralph & K-9 Bas – Fishers Police Dept., Indiana


K-9 Zina "Bags the lot”




K-9 Spike "He got weed!!!!.”


On 06/21/13 after an investigation and surveillance was conducted on a residence, PERMISSION was given by the homeowner to conduct a K9 sniff of his garage. Needless to say Spike smelled a little bit of cannabis and alerted. After searching the residence $17,000 was found along with a stolen .357 revolver, and a narcotics ledger. 2 vehicles were seized along with 3 banks accounts totaling $50,000, $17,000 and $1,000.


“K-9 Csibi Registers the find.”


Brandon Stroik & K-9 Csibi : After stopping a vehicle for expired registration, The drivers story quickly fell apart. He admitted to having a small amount of personal use Marijuana in the center console. After running K9 Csibi, he of course alerted on the vehicle during to search. Found 1.35 lbs of Marijuana in the trunk along with a scale.


“K-9 Zina alerted.”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning at UPS Ground. Parcel said it was shipped from Clancy, MT, but actually shipped from Ontario, CA. Parcel was going to Maryland. A total of 24.8 lbs of marijuana was discovered.


“K-9 Zina was called.”


K-9 Zina was called to assist in a car check for Career Criminal Squad. K-9 Zina alerted to this vehicles passenger door. Located seven bundles of currency in glove box of vehicle. Total Amount was $26,000.00


“Quinty Busy Again.”


K9 Quinty and handler Doug Beckman had a busy week last week 2.5 lbs mj and 9500 USC. Pic 1 Then. Stopped a car and got a small amount of mj and the 16000 USC. Pic 2


“Zina Has Find at USPS.”


K-9 Zina got two boxes this Friday morning. This one had 1.2 pounds of hydro in it. The second one was a 15 lb box.


“Zina Delivers Again.”


K-9 Zina alerted a parcel at Fed Ex. Which contained 3.8 pounds of marijuana and some of marijuana was in pill bottles.


“For Those Alpha Dog” Fans Wondering About Blekie


Update on Blekie,(AKA Bron) the dog that had bitten its handler on the Alpha Dog show during the seminar that was filmed in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Thursday, 21 February at about 0230 I was called to conduct an exterior vehicle search of a vehicle one of our local units had stopped. There was about a 12 mph south-southwest wind and the vehicle, an extended cab GMC truck. was parked facing east, lucky me. I started my partner on the front driver side of the vehicle and immediately noticed that he was in odor. Bron (aka Blekie aka Blackie) began a sniff along the driver side and upon reaching the area between the driver door and the rear half door, threw his head back at the driver’s door and literally slammed his ass to the ground. I was pretty confident at this point that there was something in the vehicle.

After speaking with a very hostile driver and explaining to him that I had probable cause to enter his vehicle. I opened the driver side door to conduct a safety check and could smell an overwhelming odor of raw marijuana. I brought Bron back to the vehicle for an interior sniff. He sat as soon as he reached the driver side door. Subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in locating three one gallon plastic zip lock bags on the rear driver side floor board. Total weight was 1409 grams or about 3.1 lbs.


“Can’t Hold a Candle to Zina”


K9 Zina alerted to a parcel that a search revealed contained a candle, and after breaking up the candle it was discovered that concealed in the candle was 30 grams of ICE.


“Finds are Part and Parcel of Zina’s Day”


K-9 Zina alerted to six parcels after a search it was found that one parcel contained currency and another two parcels contained a total of two pounds of hydro.


“What Hidden Compartment”


K9 Zina alerted on a black protégé bag in the passenger compartment of a Greyhound bus, search revealed a hidden compartment in the back of the bag containing 1.4 pounds of brown powdered heroin.


“Week One, Score = Rakker 2 – Criminals 0”

Iowa City PD

On Monday December 31, 2012 at 12:35am the K9 Officer Brandon Faulkcon and K9 Rakker of the Iowa City Police Department responded to Gumby's Pizza located at 702 S. Gilbert Street for a report of an armed robbery that had occurred inside the business. A store employee reported that two black males armed with a handgun entered the store, pointed the handgun at the employee's head, and demanded money. The store employee complied with the demand giving the suspects an undisclosed amount of money. The suspects then left the store and fled the area on foot and a witness was able to point out a location where they had observed the suspects fleeing from the scene. From here, K9 Officer Brandon Faulkcon and K9 Rakker, in their first week of patrol since being trained and certified as a K9 unit, were able to track the suspects to an apartment building and interviews of the occupants and the service of a search warrant at this residence has led to two arrests.


“Cool Cash on Christmas Eve”

Bentonville PD, AR

Bentonville PD, AR K9 Tyson alerted on the bottom of a hotel room door and a subsequent search revealed $56k and undisclosed amount of methamphetamine.


“I70 Bust”

Terre Haute

On Dec 9th Terre Haute Police Officer Ryan Adamson and his K9 partner, Caron', assisted interdiction teams on I70, the team stopped a car coming from Indianapolis returning to St. Louis, Missouri. There were two occupants and their story didn't match and both refused consent to search so Officer Adamson had K9 Caron’ perform an exterior sniff of the vehicle with Caron’ giving an unmistakable indication on the rear trunk. The trunk was then opened revealing a large plastic bag containing approximately 7 pounds of marijuana. Both driver and passenger were arrested and taken to jail. All in all, good job to Officer Adamson and all officers involved especially K9 Caron'.


“The Nose Knows”


K-9 Zina alerted to two parcels today, one contained 11.8 pounds of hydro and the second 3.8 pounds of hydro.


“More Cash”


K-9 Zina alerted to a parcel yesterday containing $7,200.00.


“Show Me More Money”


At a post office, K-9 Zina, alerted on a package that contained $14,520.00 U.S. currency.


“Loaded Parcels of 34.6 lbs. of Marijuana”


K-9 Zina alerted to 9 parcels, parcel contained the following weights of marijuana 29.2 pounds, 3.2 pounds and remaining two contained a total of 2.2 pounds.


“Pot from Rio Linda, CA to Kansas City, KS”


K-9 Zina alerted to a parcel that contained 10 bundles of hydro, 11.4 pounds pictured here.


“Show Me the Money”


K-9 Zina alerted to two suitcases at airport containing $187,945.00, the currency was then hidden again and the handler was not told location. K-9 Zina easily alerted on the two locations of the currency.


“Those are some dirty diapers!”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel, which a search found to contain 1.8 pounds of marijuana and 830 grams of PCP.


“You can FedEx it, but you can’t hide it”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning which contained 1.7 pounds of hydro and a toy truck.


“Surprise, Surprise!”


K-9 Zina alerted to this green duffel bag which was located in and overhead compartment on a bus traveling from Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO but coincidentally no passenger claimed the bag, surprise, surprise!


“Another Alert, Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning, search warrant was obtained and search located 2.3 pounds of hydro.


Zina’s “Heavy Duty Bust”


K9 Zina alerted to this parcel, search warrant obtained and parcel contained 4.7 pounds of hydro.


“Zina Racks Up Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel containing 9.2 pounds of hydro that was going to a UPS store.




Here are two parcels that K9 Zina alerted to last Thursday, packages were delivered today, because no one answered last Thursday. One package contained 1.1 pounds of hydro and second one had 5 pounds of hydro.


“K-9 Zina Alerted”


K-9 Zina alerted to eight parcels at the post office, after tracking the delivery of one parcel it was confirmed to contain 4.5 pounds of marijuana, which resulted in an arrest.


“Quantity Find”


K9 Zina alerted to this crate at R&L carriers this morning, a search warrant was obtained and search discovered that the crate contained 105.2 pounds of marijuana.


“Busted on the Bus”


K-9 Zina alerted to this blue suitcase in the bottom luggage compartment of a bus. Suspect located and gave consent to search suitcase. The search located 4.5 pounds of hydro.


Zina Hits a Double:


K-9 Zina alerted to a suitcase and a bag involving two separate incidents on the same day, search of the articles revealed 3 pounds of ICE in the suitcase, one pound of hydro in the bag and 28 hits of LSD on one of the suspects.


K9 Zina “Chalks Up Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to two suitcases under Greyhound bus in a luggage bin. Both suspects located. One gave consent and 3.4 pounds of hydro was found. The second did not and a warrant had to be obtained, search located 2.6 pounds of hydro in his bag. Pair was traveling from San Bernardino, CA to Dayton, OH, search also revealed $3,200 cash in suspect #2’s pocket.


K9 Zina. "Racking Up the Finds"


Called by Fed Ex security at airport in regard to parcel. They thought it was a Fraud type of parcel and forwarded from Wichita, KS to Kansas City, MO to Fed Ex security. I ran K9 Zina on it and she alerted to it. Contained five bundles of hydro weighing 5.8 lbs.


K9 Akim.

Washoe Co. S.O. NV

Deputy Solferino and K9 Akim made a traffic stop on a Black 1999 Honda Accord bearing North Carolina registration for a moving traffic violation on I-80 E/B near MM 25. During the stop, officers became suspicious of possible criminal activity. Consent to search the vehicle was denied. WCSO K-9 Akim was deployed and alerted to the presence of narcotics odor from the vehicle. A search warrant was applied for and granted. A hand search of the vehicle located several plastic packages of marijuana inside 2 black trash bags in the trunk of the vehicle. The subjects were arrested and booked into the Washoe County Detention Center on state charges. The total weight was 7,068 grams (15.57 lbs) of marijuana. Also seized pending forfeiture was $382.00 in U.S. currency.


K9 Narco.

Cedar Rapids P.D. (IA)

Officer Curt Buckles and K-9 Narco were conducting a hotel sniff when Narco Indicated on a room. A search warrant was conducted and $239,000 dollars in U.S. currency was located along with a 9mm handgun, marijuana and crack cocaine. Through further federal investigation the money stemmed from the drug trade from Colorado.


K9 Zina does it again

Kansas City P.D. (MO)

K9 Zina alerted to five parcels and located a total of 15 lbs. of hydro.


“K9 Franz’s Successor K9 Zina Gets Bust”


A suspect was detained on federal charges after the cooler
he had checked onto a bus was found to contain 15.5 pounds of
cocaine and 3.2 pounds of methamphetamine.


“Gunner, Guns One”


Vehicle stopped for lawful reason on I-55 SB. Positive criminal history for narcotics on both occupants of vehicle. Normal Police Department K-9 "Gunner" deployed and positive alert given.
Grocery bag of Weed (1/2 lb.) and Crack Cocaine (3.5 oz.) located in air filter box of vehicle. Both subjects arrested and in custody until they can post $200,000 cash - no 10%.
In route from Chicago to Bloomington / Normal. Both subjects said this was their fourth to sixth trip before being stopped.


Suspect fought with Pasha and lost!


Deputy Sheriff Phil Jones and his K9 partner Pasha from Washoe County SO, Reno Nevada, conducted a 1 mile track under a freeway and found a burglary suspect hiding in thick Juniper bushes with thorns. The suspect fought with Pasha and lost! Luna was taken into custody and arrested for residential burglary, possession of stolen property and possession of a dangerous drug without a prescription. Phil teamed up with Pasha at VLK in 2006.


Franz Does it again.


K-9 Franz alerted to two suitcases today. Located suspect, who is 72 years old. Gave consent to search and located 7.7 lbs of hydro. Traveling from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA. State charged.

K 9 Franz 2sm


Franz picks two suitcases.


K-9 Franz, Kansas City PD, pictured with the results of an alert by Franz on two suitcases in the luggage compartment of a bus that was traveling from Denver, CO to Savannah, GA.. Suspect was located and would not give her consent to search, after a search warrant was obtained 67.6 pounds of marijuana was discovered in the suitcases. Also located were many old tickets in different names that showed the female suspect had been traveling from Arizona, California, Denver and many other destinations.

Franz picks two suitcases sm


Quinty does it again.


K9 Officer Doug Beckman and his K9 Quinty, University of Illinois Police Dept., got 8 lbs. on two searches of houses in conjunction with warrants. Also found about 10 lbs., and a bunch of guns and ammo along with the seizure of a motorcycle.

6.5 lbs55pills smk9gunsdope smk9bikde sm


Routine Stop, Not So Routine...

Lincoln County, NV

On Saturday, March 5, 2011, Deputy Mike Rays and K9 partner Jennes stopped a 2008 Toyota Tundra for speeding. During the initial contact with the drive Deputy Rays detected an order of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The suspect, who was originally from Salt Lake City, UT had drug paraphernalia and an open container of alcohol. After impounding the vehicle and conducting a search of the vehicle 41.7 pounds of marijuana and $2,000 were seized. This was the largest find for any individual Lincoln County Deputy.

110217 marijuana


Awesome Job K9 Franz

On Monday Feb. 28, 2011, K9 Franz with the Kansas City Police Department (Missouri Drug Interdiction Squad) alerted while conducting a sweep at a local bus depot on 2 suitcases; one containing 16.2 pounds of Cocaine and the second containing one pound of Marijuania. Great job!!!

K9Franz 2202011


Success Story!

On Monday Feb. 5, 2011, Deputy Zirkle and K9 partner Thor with the Northern Nevada Interagency Criminal Enforcement Team alerted on the trunk of car with a speaker box filled with 3.5 pounds of Marijuana. Great job!!!

Deputy zirkle


Great Find!


On Friday January 7, 2011, K9 Franz with the Kansas City Police Department (Missouri Drug Interdiction Squad) while working a sort at a local FedEx shipment office alerted to a parcel filled with 150 grams of marijuana.



Happy New Year!


Officer Scott Schlei and K9 partner, Arco rang in the New Year with a find of 3 pounds of marijuana and $1,500 in cash. Officer Schlei and Arco are from Marshfield Police Department in Wisconsin.



Christmas comes early for K-9 Gunner!!


On October 13th, 2010, K-9 Gunner of the Normal Illinois Police Department was utilized in a residential search for their Narcotics vice unit. During the sweep, K-9 Gunner alerted to a package, that was on a shelf with other boxes and items, and was wrapped in Christmas paper. The package was opened and found inside was a childrens toy and $22,000 in USC.

K9 Gunner sm


Quinty Foils Felony.


On August 20, 2010 Officer Douglas Beckman & K9 Quinty, University of Illinois P.D. seized a felony amount of marijuana, a stolen 45 handgun and almost 11,000 USC a TV and computer.

doug beckman quinty


Leon Alerted.


On June 30, 2010 Leon alerted on 23.40 kilos (51.5 lbs) of cocaine hidden in the basement of a residence during a consent search. He also alerted on some dressers which contained $4,000 cash and 2 money counters.

leon june30 2010 sm


K9 Gunnar picks the "rear" portion.


Deputy John Kimberlin & K9 Gunner Washoe County Sheriff's Office, NV. During a traffic stop, K9 Gunner alerted to the rear portion of the vehicle. Approximately 114.08 lbs of MJ, 2.41 lbs of Cocaine and $1270.00 in U.S. currency were seized.

kimberline gunner sm


K9 Shadow picks the "right" door.


January 21, 2010 Brent Long & K9 Shadow, Terre Haute P.D., IN. conducted a traffic stop on a van pulling a trailer on I-70. K9 Shadow indicated on the right door on the passenger side of the trailer. 217 lbs. of marijuana was found in the trailer hidden inside a large speaker box.














K9 Spendow heats up on 2 coolers.


Dan Kearney and K9 Spendow, Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department, IA. seized 21 lbs of marijuana during a vehicle search. The marijuana was found in two coolers in the trunk.

K9 spendow 2 smK9 spendow 1 sm


K9 Franz alerted to two suitcases.

K9 Franz alerted to two suitcases. The first contained $139,070.00 and the second contained $48,850.00.

franz 4 smfranz 3 sm



K9 Issa's first find and seizure.


Cristeen Stilwell & K9 Issa Coral Springs P.D. seized 48 pounds of cannabis and $256,850.00 in cash while executing a search warrant on a house.

issas first sm


K9 Lucky Alert.


December 10th 2009 K9 Lucky alerted on a garage door frozen after 6 inches of snow in 5 degree weather. During a search of the garage interior, Lucky alterted on a tool box where 9.5 Kilo's of cocaine and $123,000 cash were found. Glendale Heights P.D. IL.

don lucky sm


K9 Leon Bags Another.


On November 17th Bob Liazuk & K9 Leon were called to assist an Illinois State Trooper during a traffic stop. K9 Leon alerted on the trunk of the vehicle. A bag was found containing $118,000 in U.S. Currency.

leon nov17 2009 sm


K9 Kraft at it again.


Washoe Co. Sheriff’s Office (NV).
K9 Kraft found 98 Grams of Marijuana a pipe and approximately $82,680.00 in U.S. Currency during a traffic stop.

kraft98grams sm



Leon scored again.


Bob Liazuk & K9 Leon, Bolingbrook P.D. (IL) 10/15/2009.
Leon scored again on 10/15/09 helping out our pd's REACT team on a search warrant of a residence in Bolingbrook. He found cannabis in just about every room (and closet) in the house. A total of 3 1/4 lbs of Cannabis and just over $1,100 cash.
We did another search warrant about an hour later where he located 15 grams of cannabis but also located $1,278.00 in currency that he alerted on. My TAC guys have been keeping Leon busy said officer Liazuk.

bob leon2 sm


Pooch finds drugs in first day on job.


John Hopkins & K9 Elmo of Baroda Lake Township.

1 lb. Marijuana and $16,014.00 in cash found during a routine traffic stop on I-94

elmo sm2



$90,035.00 found during a traffic stop.


John Hopkins & K9 Elmo, Baroda Lake Township. $90,035.00 found during a routine traffic stop.

elmo sm


K-9 Kraft.


K-9 Kraft (Washoe County Sheriff’s Office) - Traffic Stop. Interstate 80, 20 lbs of MJ and 1/2 lb of Mushrooms.

kraft35lbs smkraft20lbs mj 5lbshrooms sm



Cash hit on interdiction stop I-70.


While working with the Vigo Co Drug Task Force this car was stopped on I-70 West bound and Jerry Lee indicated on the dash of the car. The cash was found hidden in the dash wrapped in electical tape. 11 bundles were found with a total of $82,640 dollars. The driver was headed back to Texas from Ohio. jerry lee sm








D/S Bolonka, Det. Troy Norman and K-9 "Sandy".


D/S Bolonka, Det. Troy Norman and K-9 Sandy found 22 pounds of marijuana in St. Lucie, Florida. troy sandy sm



Det. Sarminto, Det Troy Norman and K-9 "Sandy".

St. Lucie, Florida.

Det. Sarminto, Det Troy Norman and K-9 Sandy with St. Lucie, Florida. K-9 Sandy found 7 pounds of marijuana, 33 grams of cocaine, 14 grams of MDMA, 8 gram of Oxycodone and an AR-15. troy sandy 2 sm



Deputy Brian Stapleton and his K9 partner "Zaso".


On Friday 07-06-07 Deputy Brian Stapleton and his K9 partner "Zaso" were tasked to assist in a multi-agency narcotics interdiction detail that covered the area of interstate 55 inside the boundaries of Sangamon County in Illinois. This concentrated effort by agencies involved was to detect/arrest suspects involved in drug trafficking. It should be noted that the detail was conducted on a day when the temperature reached 90 degrees with high humidity. The fact that the majority of the stops were conducted on hot concrete surfaces with little relief from the heat made the working conditions on the dog team tough.

With approximately 10 marked squad cars making traffic stops from 0930 hours until 1330 hours, the work load facing the dog teams was tremendous.

At 1301 hours a traffic stop was conducted and deputy Stapleton and K9 Zaso were dispatched to perform a walk around of a vehicle that was suspected to have illegal narcotics inside. Deputy Stapleton deployed Zaso who performed an external sniff of the vehicle yielding an aggressive alert, consisting of an intense scratch on the vehicle around the rear passenger door and door seam.

Deputy Stapleton informed the contact Officer of the alert, showing the presence of narcotic odor, and along with back-up officers and investigators from the drug unit, conducted a physical search of the vehicle.

During the search, found in the trunk of the vehicle were (3) three bails of suspected cannabis, tightly wrapped in heavy mil plastic having a combined weight of more than (100) one hundred pounds.

As a result of the alert by K9 Zaso, a controlled delivery was made in a separate state where multiple arrests were made and a handgun and suspect information was received in a three year old homicide case.

brian zaso


 David Schmidt and his K9 partner "Fado".

Riverside P.D.

David Schmidt & K-9 Fado from Riverside P.D., OH found $147,550.00 and 2 key of cocaine in the bottom of this bag. 10/07

david fado


 Tom Thompson & K-9 "Bianca".

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.

K-9 Bianca & Tom Thompson, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, TX. 1277 pounds of marijuana seized on traffic stop.

tom bianca



Alan Crawford & K-9 "Max".

Alan Crawford & K-9 Max seized 7 lbs. in a storage locker 2/08. alan max





Officer Steven Johnson & K-9 Eddy.

Tipton Police Department.

On 6/16/07 during a traffic stop for an equipment violation, K-9 Eddy indicated on the vehicle, a 1988 Chevy Caprice Classic. Search of the vehicle located a sock stuffed up inside the dash behind the climate controls containing 121grams of Crack Cocaine divided into 38 separate baggies, and 99 pills of Ecstasy. A small amount of marijuana was also located in the vehicle. The 3 suspects were traveling from Chicago, IL to Muncie, IN. steven eddy




Officer Chacon and K9 Senna.

Apache Junction P.D.

Officer Chacon and PSD Senna of the Apache Junction P.D. Found over a pound of Meth, with a street value of over $30,000.00 and $4000.00 in cash. 3/2008

chacon senna


Rob Cain & K-9 Boy 14

Jasper County Sheriff's Department.

Rob Cain & K-9 Boy 14 Jasper County Sheriff's Department Were called out to assist Illinois State Police in a commercial vehicle search. K-9 Boy hit on the driver’s side of the cab. After a hand search of the vehicle $169,910.00 was revealed. 3/2008

rob boy14rob boy14 2



K-9 Franz

Kansas City P.D., MO

franzfranz 2


Brent Rupert and K-9 Boris

Sauk Co S.D., WI

brent borisbrent boris 2



Tom Thompson and K-9 Bianca

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, Montgomery County, Texas.

Two vehicles were stopped at the same time. During the course of the stop, and with probable cause after Bianca alerted on the vehicles, both vehicles were searched. From one vehicle they seized $28,207.00 and the other $52,120.00 U.S. Currency. Due to this stop and the information gathered, a search warrant was signed for the house in which the money came from. As Bianca and Tom searched the residence, she V-Lined to a master bedroom closet and alerted on a safe. Of course the residents forgot the combination to the safe. After the fire department opened the safe with the jaws of life, an additional $20,160.00 in U.S. Currency was seized from this safe. A large quantity of powered cocaine and cocaine cookies were found and about $6800.00 U.S. Currency. tom bianca 2tom bianca 3



Brian Wullweber and K-9 Doerak.


Brian Wullweber and K-9 Doerak were called out to the FedEx hub for a package search. The package that was being tracked and several others were put in a room. K-9 Doerak went in and hit the jackpot, 17 pounds of marijuana. 6/2/2008brian doerak






Marc Hopkins and K-9 Diesel.

Berrien County Sheriff's Department.

Handler Marc Hopkins and K-9 Diesel (of Berrien County Sheriff's Department) made a traffic stop on I-94. Finding 5 ounces of crack and 4 ounces of powder cocaine, located in the trunk of the vehicle. 7/8/2008mark diesel


David M. Garrison and K-9 Ranger.

David M. Garrison And K-9 Ranger with their find of 200 kilos - 5/27/2008david ranger





Matt Fiorito and K-9 Vasco

Officer Matt Fiorito & his K-9 Vasco were responsible for this 594 pound marijuana bust. The drugs were in the coolers of a semi-trailer.

matt vascomatt vasco 2


Jason Haskins and K-9 Rico.

Berrien County Sheriffs Dept

K-9 Rico indicated on 51 pounds of Marijuana at a recent traffic stop. K-9 Rico and his handler Jason Haskins are with the Berrien County Sheriffs Dept.

jason rico


Bob Liazuk & K-9 Leon.

Bolingbrook P.D.

Bob Liazuk and K-9 Leon of Bolingbrook P.D. found 5 pounds of Hydro in a garbage bag in the back seat of a car. 12/2008

bob leon


Scott Haley & K-9 Lacota.

Grant County Sheriff Dept, Marion, Indiana.

Officer Scott Haley & K-9 Lacota with Grant County Sheriff Dept, Marion, Indiana. Scott and Lacota are credited with a find of 5,522 pounds (that's $11,000.000) of marijuana. This was the largest seizure in Indiana history.


Lee Young

Making a difference in Murphreeboro TN.


Dan Parker & K-9 Rambo

2 Pounds: Methamphetamine - I-70 Indiana.


Anthony Pucillo & K-9 Brando

Contraband from a Madison (WI) Police Dept bust was closely watched by officer Anthony Pucillo & his K-9 Brando.