Happy New Year!


Officer Scott Schlei and K9 partner, Arco rang in the New Year with a find of 3 pounds of marijuana and $1,500 in cash. Officer Schlei and Arco are from Marshfield Police Department in Wisconsin.



Christmas comes early for K-9 Gunner!!


On October 13th, 2010, K-9 Gunner of the Normal Illinois Police Department was utilized in a residential search for their Narcotics vice unit. During the sweep, K-9 Gunner alerted to a package, that was on a shelf with other boxes and items, and was wrapped in Christmas paper. The package was opened and found inside was a childrens toy and $22,000 in USC.

K9 Gunner sm


Quinty Foils Felony.


On August 20, 2010 Officer Douglas Beckman & K9 Quinty, University of Illinois P.D. seized a felony amount of marijuana, a stolen 45 handgun and almost 11,000 USC a TV and computer.

doug beckman quinty


Leon Alerted.


On June 30, 2010 Leon alerted on 23.40 kilos (51.5 lbs) of cocaine hidden in the basement of a residence during a consent search. He also alerted on some dressers which contained $4,000 cash and 2 money counters.

leon june30 2010 sm


K9 Gunnar picks the "rear" portion.


Deputy John Kimberlin & K9 Gunner Washoe County Sheriff's Office, NV. During a traffic stop, K9 Gunner alerted to the rear portion of the vehicle. Approximately 114.08 lbs of MJ, 2.41 lbs of Cocaine and $1270.00 in U.S. currency were seized.

kimberline gunner sm


K9 Shadow picks the "right" door.


January 21, 2010 Brent Long & K9 Shadow, Terre Haute P.D., IN. conducted a traffic stop on a van pulling a trailer on I-70. K9 Shadow indicated on the right door on the passenger side of the trailer. 217 lbs. of marijuana was found in the trailer hidden inside a large speaker box.














K9 Spendow heats up on 2 coolers.


Dan Kearney and K9 Spendow, Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department, IA. seized 21 lbs of marijuana during a vehicle search. The marijuana was found in two coolers in the trunk.

K9 spendow 2 smK9 spendow 1 sm


K9 Franz alerted to two suitcases.

K9 Franz alerted to two suitcases. The first contained $139,070.00 and the second contained $48,850.00.

franz 4 smfranz 3 sm