“What Hidden Compartment”


K9 Zina alerted on a black protégé bag in the passenger compartment of a Greyhound bus, search revealed a hidden compartment in the back of the bag containing 1.4 pounds of brown powdered heroin.


“Week One, Score = Rakker 2 – Criminals 0”

Iowa City PD

On Monday December 31, 2012 at 12:35am the K9 Officer Brandon Faulkcon and K9 Rakker of the Iowa City Police Department responded to Gumby's Pizza located at 702 S. Gilbert Street for a report of an armed robbery that had occurred inside the business. A store employee reported that two black males armed with a handgun entered the store, pointed the handgun at the employee's head, and demanded money. The store employee complied with the demand giving the suspects an undisclosed amount of money. The suspects then left the store and fled the area on foot and a witness was able to point out a location where they had observed the suspects fleeing from the scene. From here, K9 Officer Brandon Faulkcon and K9 Rakker, in their first week of patrol since being trained and certified as a K9 unit, were able to track the suspects to an apartment building and interviews of the occupants and the service of a search warrant at this residence has led to two arrests.


“Cool Cash on Christmas Eve”

Bentonville PD, AR

Bentonville PD, AR K9 Tyson alerted on the bottom of a hotel room door and a subsequent search revealed $56k and undisclosed amount of methamphetamine.


“I70 Bust”

Terre Haute

On Dec 9th Terre Haute Police Officer Ryan Adamson and his K9 partner, Caron', assisted interdiction teams on I70, the team stopped a car coming from Indianapolis returning to St. Louis, Missouri. There were two occupants and their story didn't match and both refused consent to search so Officer Adamson had K9 Caron’ perform an exterior sniff of the vehicle with Caron’ giving an unmistakable indication on the rear trunk. The trunk was then opened revealing a large plastic bag containing approximately 7 pounds of marijuana. Both driver and passenger were arrested and taken to jail. All in all, good job to Officer Adamson and all officers involved especially K9 Caron'.


“The Nose Knows”


K-9 Zina alerted to two parcels today, one contained 11.8 pounds of hydro and the second 3.8 pounds of hydro.


“More Cash”


K-9 Zina alerted to a parcel yesterday containing $7,200.00.


“Show Me More Money”


At a post office, K-9 Zina, alerted on a package that contained $14,520.00 U.S. currency.


“Loaded Parcels of 34.6 lbs. of Marijuana”


K-9 Zina alerted to 9 parcels, parcel contained the following weights of marijuana 29.2 pounds, 3.2 pounds and remaining two contained a total of 2.2 pounds.


“Pot from Rio Linda, CA to Kansas City, KS”


K-9 Zina alerted to a parcel that contained 10 bundles of hydro, 11.4 pounds pictured here.


“Show Me the Money”


K-9 Zina alerted to two suitcases at airport containing $187,945.00, the currency was then hidden again and the handler was not told location. K-9 Zina easily alerted on the two locations of the currency.


“Those are some dirty diapers!”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel, which a search found to contain 1.8 pounds of marijuana and 830 grams of PCP.


“You can FedEx it, but you can’t hide it”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning which contained 1.7 pounds of hydro and a toy truck.


“Surprise, Surprise!”


K-9 Zina alerted to this green duffel bag which was located in and overhead compartment on a bus traveling from Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO but coincidentally no passenger claimed the bag, surprise, surprise!


“Another Alert, Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel this morning, search warrant was obtained and search located 2.3 pounds of hydro.


Zina’s “Heavy Duty Bust”


K9 Zina alerted to this parcel, search warrant obtained and parcel contained 4.7 pounds of hydro.


“Zina Racks Up Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel containing 9.2 pounds of hydro that was going to a UPS store.




Here are two parcels that K9 Zina alerted to last Thursday, packages were delivered today, because no one answered last Thursday. One package contained 1.1 pounds of hydro and second one had 5 pounds of hydro.


“K-9 Zina Alerted”


K-9 Zina alerted to eight parcels at the post office, after tracking the delivery of one parcel it was confirmed to contain 4.5 pounds of marijuana, which resulted in an arrest.


“Quantity Find”


K9 Zina alerted to this crate at R&L carriers this morning, a search warrant was obtained and search discovered that the crate contained 105.2 pounds of marijuana.


“Busted on the Bus”


K-9 Zina alerted to this blue suitcase in the bottom luggage compartment of a bus. Suspect located and gave consent to search suitcase. The search located 4.5 pounds of hydro.


Zina Hits a Double:


K-9 Zina alerted to a suitcase and a bag involving two separate incidents on the same day, search of the articles revealed 3 pounds of ICE in the suitcase, one pound of hydro in the bag and 28 hits of LSD on one of the suspects.


K9 Zina “Chalks Up Another Find”


K-9 Zina alerted to two suitcases under Greyhound bus in a luggage bin. Both suspects located. One gave consent and 3.4 pounds of hydro was found. The second did not and a warrant had to be obtained, search located 2.6 pounds of hydro in his bag. Pair was traveling from San Bernardino, CA to Dayton, OH, search also revealed $3,200 cash in suspect #2’s pocket.


K9 Zina. "Racking Up the Finds"


Called by Fed Ex security at airport in regard to parcel. They thought it was a Fraud type of parcel and forwarded from Wichita, KS to Kansas City, MO to Fed Ex security. I ran K9 Zina on it and she alerted to it. Contained five bundles of hydro weighing 5.8 lbs.


K9 Akim.

Washoe Co. S.O. NV

Deputy Solferino and K9 Akim made a traffic stop on a Black 1999 Honda Accord bearing North Carolina registration for a moving traffic violation on I-80 E/B near MM 25. During the stop, officers became suspicious of possible criminal activity. Consent to search the vehicle was denied. WCSO K-9 Akim was deployed and alerted to the presence of narcotics odor from the vehicle. A search warrant was applied for and granted. A hand search of the vehicle located several plastic packages of marijuana inside 2 black trash bags in the trunk of the vehicle. The subjects were arrested and booked into the Washoe County Detention Center on state charges. The total weight was 7,068 grams (15.57 lbs) of marijuana. Also seized pending forfeiture was $382.00 in U.S. currency.


K9 Narco.

Cedar Rapids P.D. (IA)

Officer Curt Buckles and K-9 Narco were conducting a hotel sniff when Narco Indicated on a room. A search warrant was conducted and $239,000 dollars in U.S. currency was located along with a 9mm handgun, marijuana and crack cocaine. Through further federal investigation the money stemmed from the drug trade from Colorado.


K9 Zina does it again

Kansas City P.D. (MO)

K9 Zina alerted to five parcels and located a total of 15 lbs. of hydro.


“K9 Franz’s Successor K9 Zina Gets Bust”


A suspect was detained on federal charges after the cooler
he had checked onto a bus was found to contain 15.5 pounds of
cocaine and 3.2 pounds of methamphetamine.


“Gunner, Guns One”


Vehicle stopped for lawful reason on I-55 SB. Positive criminal history for narcotics on both occupants of vehicle. Normal Police Department K-9 "Gunner" deployed and positive alert given.
Grocery bag of Weed (1/2 lb.) and Crack Cocaine (3.5 oz.) located in air filter box of vehicle. Both subjects arrested and in custody until they can post $200,000 cash - no 10%.
In route from Chicago to Bloomington / Normal. Both subjects said this was their fourth to sixth trip before being stopped.


Suspect fought with Pasha and lost!


Deputy Sheriff Phil Jones and his K9 partner Pasha from Washoe County SO, Reno Nevada, conducted a 1 mile track under a freeway and found a burglary suspect hiding in thick Juniper bushes with thorns. The suspect fought with Pasha and lost! Luna was taken into custody and arrested for residential burglary, possession of stolen property and possession of a dangerous drug without a prescription. Phil teamed up with Pasha at VLK in 2006.


Franz Does it again.


K-9 Franz alerted to two suitcases today. Located suspect, who is 72 years old. Gave consent to search and located 7.7 lbs of hydro. Traveling from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA. State charged.

K 9 Franz 2sm