K9 Angel B.O.E.T..


On 12/8/2014 while on routine patrol on I-40 EB, west of Albuquerque, NM I conducted a traffic stop on a Ford F-250 with Minnesota registration. The pair, both male, had driven from Duluth, MN to Los Angeles, CA, stayed one day and were on the return trip. The driver was extremely nervous and after receiving conflicting stories from both driver and passenger, I ask for permission to search. The passenger (registered owner) denied consent to search. I then deployed my Biological Odor Enhancement Tool, K9 Angel.

K9 Angel alerted on the passenger side rear of the pickup and stood on her hind legs trying to see into the bed. I opened the tail gate and K9 Angel jumped into the bed, made a "bee-line" to the tool box and sat.

Myself and Detective Kelly Sinclair located 21 vacuumed sealed 5 lb bags of high grade marijuana. Motor oil was used to mask odor...it didn't work.


K9 Leon assisted..


On 9/3/14 in the afternoon, K9 Leon assisted a federal agency at a residence which resulted in a seizure of $1,469,000 in United States Currency and 4 Kilos of heroin within the Residence. K9 Leon also alerted on a hidden trap in the mini van.

On the same day, 9/3/14 in the evening but unrelated case, K9 Leon assisted a state interdiction team on a seizure of $1,716,000 in United States currency.
Officer Liazuk & K-9 Leon
Bolingbrook PD, IL


Cooperation wins the day.


Cpl. Phares / K9 Kazan (right) and Cpl. Peters/ K9 Alex (left) with the Dothan (AL) Police Dept. aided Houston Co. (AL) Sheriffs Office in locating over 6200 grams of synthetic marijuana along with a Glock handgun. We were both called to search a group of storage buildings when the dogs indicated on one unit. Both dogs later searched a vehicle where more evidence was located which tied the suspect to the storage unit. ....
Cpl. Phares / K9 Kazan (right) and Cpl. Peters/ K9 Alex (left)
Dothan (AL) Police Dept. aided Houston Co.


Day five on the street.


Just a few photos of recent busts from Puerto Rico Police Department. Keep up the great work! Thank you for sharing with VLK!


Vehicle stopped for violation..


Friday October 31, 2014. A Vehicle was stopped for equipment violation. Consent to search denied. Andor gave a positive alert. The Marijuana was packaged for resale and was found in direct control of the person charged, which resulted in a felony charge. The Pistol was claimed by the suspect, charged with misdemeanor. The currency was taken as possible illegally obtained funds from the sell of narcotics....
Daniel Chesser & K-9 Andor
Talladega Police Department, AL


Day five on the street.


Day five on the street. ODA for Customs. No official amount but they are estimating around a million. Dog hit trunk where money was then did a money sniff at Police Dept. ....
Anthony Mazzuca & K-9 Korne
Elk Grove Village PD, IL


Flora bags the lot.


Flora and I ended with 9 boxes, Couple OZ of Molly, cocaine, hash, hash wax, 40 #'s of marijuana, suboxone, xanax, various other pills, scales, $$CASH$$, two guns, couple hundred rounds of ammo, and 2 cooperating suspect's....
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


Karson Gets The Cash!.


I was called out to assist Ohio State Highway Patrol on a traffic stop on I-71 in Clinton County. They had received information of possible drugs and/or cash being transported by members of a drug cartel traveling between Kentucky and Ohio. It was later found to be a federal investigation involving Columbus PD and the FBI. When I arrived on scene I deployed Karson around the vehicle and he alerted to the passenger side door area. I began to search the vehicle along with an OSP Sergeant and we discovered a secret compartment on both sides of the backseat area. The vehicle was towed to an OSP post where I was able to release one of the interior latches to open the compartment. The other compartment was electrically wired as a trap and was released after we pressed a button on the dashboard. The driver was arrested and I seized $314,532 in cash. Biggest find yet for Wilmington K9s. Thanks again for all the training Karson (Karzan) and I received at Vohne Liche Kennels.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K9 Flora finds 60 lbs. of Marijuana.


Flora ended up with 5 boxes (only 3 boxes in picture), totaling approximately 60 pounds of marijuana. Sent from Arizona to Milwaukee priority mail. Did 2 K&T’s developed main suspect in Milwaukee.
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


K-9 Karson Does it Again!


Yesterday I was dispatched to assist Clinton County Sheriff reference suspicious items inside of a trailer at a shipping warehouse in Wilmington. Once I got there I was told that one of the semi trailers was believed to have marijuana inside. I released Karson (Karzan) off leash to sniff the entire docking area. He went inside of one of the trailers and did not come back out and I found that he had alerted to two pallets inside. Clinton County Sheriff applied for a search warrant and we began to break down the pallets. Inside the pallets were hollowed out spaces containing 20 bundles of marijuana totaling 455 lbs.
This was our first “big hit” and once again I was proud of the training I had received from Vohne Liche Kennels.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K-9 Flora is not Framed.


Received a call from Louisville Metro with information a suspicious parcel was destined for Milwaukee WI, sent from Pharr TX. Located the parcel at the local sort facility, K9 FLORA alerted to parcel. Applied for and obtained a state search warrant for the parcel.
Inside the outer cardboard box was a freshly made wood picture frame / box with a heavy odor of fresh varnish, it was wrapped in green plastic bubble wrap, inside the wooden box was marijuana concealed in spray foam and vacuum seal bags.
K-9 Flora and Detective Eugene Nagler
Wisconsin HIDTA Interdiction Initiative


K-9 Karzan Tracks em Down.


Yesterday I was dispatched to a Walmart theft in the city of Wilmington, OH. Upon arrival to the area I located the suspect vehicle and the driver refused to stop. I pursued the vehicle for 15 minutes into Clinton County at speeds over 115 mph. The vehicle eventually left the roadway into some snow covered corn fields where I was unable to pursue. Eventually officers in the area spotted the vehicle in the woods and the suspect bailed out and ran away. I deployed Karzan to the vehicle and he immediately began to track the suspect through thick woods and several frozen creeks. After 1 hour and over 1 mile of distance covered Karzan began to pull aggressively toward a large ravine. Next to the scent trail I located vomit from where the suspect had literally run himself sick. Karzan seemed to grow more aggressive from the vomit. As we tracked a little further Karzan raised his head and began to bark. I observed the suspect standing in the water trying desperately to get out of the ravine. I gave a K9 announcement and the subject surrendered. He was taken into custody without a struggle although I was hoping he would run away. Thanks to all of the tracking training I received in November and December of 2013 because it certainly paid off yesterday. The suspect was an active meth cook and currently out on parole. The only thing that stopped him was the idea that he was going to be shredded by Karzan.
Thanks to everyone at VLK.
Ptl Jerry Popp
Wilmington PD, OH


K-9 Thor Puts The Hammer Down.


Here are some recent shots of K9 Thor. He graduated from VLK in December 2010. He is currently working with me for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Reno, NV. We are assigned to the Northern Nevada Interdiction Task Force. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has 9 VLK dogs assigned to the K9 Unit. Thor is the only single purpose dog we have.
The first photo is from 02/03/14. Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 69 pounds of marijuana.
The second is from 12/18/13. Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 41 pounds of marijuana.
The third is from 10/16/13 Taken from Interstate 80 near Reno, NV. 86 pounds of marijuana.
Just to let you know that in the three years that I have handled Thor he has assisted in the seizure of over 2200 lbs of marijuana, 13 lbs of meth, 6 lbs of heroin, and over $1,000,000 in US Currency.


Wausau-area police seize $2 million in pot plants.


Wausau-area police seize $2 million in pot plants in Marathon County
Police say they seized thousands of dollars in cash and more than $2 million in marijuana plants after searching several local homes in what investigators say is the largest drug arrest in Marathon County history.
Members of the Marathon County Special Investigations Unit searched a Wausau home Thursday after receiving a call from a local delivery company about a suspicious package, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release. The Special Investigations Unit spearheads drug investigations for the county and includes officers from several area jurisdictions.
To read more, click here.


K-9 Zina Bags it.


K-9 Zina alerted to this bag this morning. Suspect traveling from San Bernardino, CA to Columbus, OH. Bag contained 5.6 pounds of heroin in liner of bag in between two boards. Flying to Columbus, OH with suspect for controlled delivery. - Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina Checks Lugage.


While conducting a check of luggage with K-9 Zina, K-9 Zina pulled me toward this suspect. Suspect immediately walked away from K-9 Zina and me. Watched the suspect for a bit and never claimed a bag. Suspect was having a difficult time walking and his shoes would not bend. Put K-9 Zina up and observed suspect inside of bus terminal. Made contact with suspect and gave me consent to search his person. Also gave me consent to search his tennis shoes and I located two bundle of heroin in the shape of insoles. Weighed 2.3 pounds. Suspect stated he was actually traveling from Los Angeles, CA, but was told to throw his ticket away in Las Vegas and then purchase a new ticket in Las Vegas. He was to do this the whole way. He made several text for me, at which time we realized his final destination would be Newark, NJ. Suspect was federally charged here in KCMO. - Detective Garcia & K-9 Zina, KCPD


K-9 Zina alerted to parcel.


K-9 Zina alerted to this parcel at UPS Overgoods on 1/2/14. 29.2 pounds of Marijuana. Label was not good but showed shipped from New Jersey. - Detective Garcia and K9 Zina - KCPD