K-9 Rayco’s Pretty Decent!

On Friday, September 4, 2015 K9 Rayco had a pretty decent and unusual find on the Highway. We stopped a southbound passenger car for speed and after contacting the driver, we immediately knew something was up. The driver denied consent to search and I deployed Rayco on a sniff of the vehicle. He literally drug me to the vehicle and gave a positive indication. In the trunk, we found 141.6 grams (Appx. 5 ounces) of psilocybin mushrooms, 47.9 grams (1.7 ounces) of hash oil, and about 1.8 ounces of marijuana.
Handler Sgt. Manoushagian & K-9 Rayco
Wise Co. S.O., Texas

K9 alerted - UR BUSTED!

K9 alerted on blue duffle going from Detroit to Nashville. 1112 oxycodone and morphine pills, 1.5 oz heroin.
Louisville Metro, KY

K-9 Harlej - UR BUSTED!

-Approx 120lbs of marijuana
-330,000 in cash
-4 guns - 1 stolen
-Multiple pills
Handler Officer Koopman & K-9 Harlej
Fishers PD, IN

K9 Rayco’s Biggest todate.

Total amount was 71.5 pounds of medical marijuana with an estimated street value of $170,400. The original stop was conducted by the Texas Highway Patrol who then called us in for a K-9 sniff. This was Rayco’s first large find since we graduated!
Handler Sgt. Manoushagian & K-9 Rayco
Wise Co. S.O., Texas

Wise Co. S.O., Texas


K9 Loki off the blocks.


Congratulations to Sgt. Mike Thompson and K9 Loki of the Roanoke City, VA Police Department on a job well done. After K9 Loki was donated to the police department by Dr. Caesar DePaço the K9 team went into training. Fresh out of certification and the second day on the streets K9 Loki finds 8 lbs of Marijuana. I see many more great finds in the future for this K9 team. Another perfectly trained K9 from Vohne Liche Kennels that hit the streets.


K9 college assist.


While assisting the local college with dorm room searches, K-9 Andor alerted on a door bottom. A search of the room revealed a mason jar with approximately 1.5 Ounce of Marijuana and 37 pills used as downers. A felony investigation is pending.
Handler Daniel Chesser & K-9 Andor
Talladega Police Department, AL