Det. Sarminto, Det Troy Norman and K-9 "Sandy".

St. Lucie, Florida.

Det. Sarminto, Det Troy Norman and K-9 Sandy with St. Lucie, Florida. K-9 Sandy found 7 pounds of marijuana, 33 grams of cocaine, 14 grams of MDMA, 8 gram of Oxycodone and an AR-15. troy sandy 2 sm



Deputy Brian Stapleton and his K9 partner "Zaso".


On Friday 07-06-07 Deputy Brian Stapleton and his K9 partner "Zaso" were tasked to assist in a multi-agency narcotics interdiction detail that covered the area of interstate 55 inside the boundaries of Sangamon County in Illinois. This concentrated effort by agencies involved was to detect/arrest suspects involved in drug trafficking. It should be noted that the detail was conducted on a day when the temperature reached 90 degrees with high humidity. The fact that the majority of the stops were conducted on hot concrete surfaces with little relief from the heat made the working conditions on the dog team tough.

With approximately 10 marked squad cars making traffic stops from 0930 hours until 1330 hours, the work load facing the dog teams was tremendous.

At 1301 hours a traffic stop was conducted and deputy Stapleton and K9 Zaso were dispatched to perform a walk around of a vehicle that was suspected to have illegal narcotics inside. Deputy Stapleton deployed Zaso who performed an external sniff of the vehicle yielding an aggressive alert, consisting of an intense scratch on the vehicle around the rear passenger door and door seam.

Deputy Stapleton informed the contact Officer of the alert, showing the presence of narcotic odor, and along with back-up officers and investigators from the drug unit, conducted a physical search of the vehicle.

During the search, found in the trunk of the vehicle were (3) three bails of suspected cannabis, tightly wrapped in heavy mil plastic having a combined weight of more than (100) one hundred pounds.

As a result of the alert by K9 Zaso, a controlled delivery was made in a separate state where multiple arrests were made and a handgun and suspect information was received in a three year old homicide case.

brian zaso


 David Schmidt and his K9 partner "Fado".

Riverside P.D.

David Schmidt & K-9 Fado from Riverside P.D., OH found $147,550.00 and 2 key of cocaine in the bottom of this bag. 10/07

david fado


 Tom Thompson & K-9 "Bianca".

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.

K-9 Bianca & Tom Thompson, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, TX. 1277 pounds of marijuana seized on traffic stop.

tom bianca



Alan Crawford & K-9 "Max".

Alan Crawford & K-9 Max seized 7 lbs. in a storage locker 2/08. alan max





Officer Steven Johnson & K-9 Eddy.

Tipton Police Department.

On 6/16/07 during a traffic stop for an equipment violation, K-9 Eddy indicated on the vehicle, a 1988 Chevy Caprice Classic. Search of the vehicle located a sock stuffed up inside the dash behind the climate controls containing 121grams of Crack Cocaine divided into 38 separate baggies, and 99 pills of Ecstasy. A small amount of marijuana was also located in the vehicle. The 3 suspects were traveling from Chicago, IL to Muncie, IN. steven eddy




Officer Chacon and K9 Senna.

Apache Junction P.D.

Officer Chacon and PSD Senna of the Apache Junction P.D. Found over a pound of Meth, with a street value of over $30,000.00 and $4000.00 in cash. 3/2008

chacon senna


Rob Cain & K-9 Boy 14

Jasper County Sheriff's Department.

Rob Cain & K-9 Boy 14 Jasper County Sheriff's Department Were called out to assist Illinois State Police in a commercial vehicle search. K-9 Boy hit on the driver’s side of the cab. After a hand search of the vehicle $169,910.00 was revealed. 3/2008

rob boy14rob boy14 2



K-9 Franz

Kansas City P.D., MO

franzfranz 2


Brent Rupert and K-9 Boris

Sauk Co S.D., WI

brent borisbrent boris 2



Tom Thompson and K-9 Bianca

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, Montgomery County, Texas.

Two vehicles were stopped at the same time. During the course of the stop, and with probable cause after Bianca alerted on the vehicles, both vehicles were searched. From one vehicle they seized $28,207.00 and the other $52,120.00 U.S. Currency. Due to this stop and the information gathered, a search warrant was signed for the house in which the money came from. As Bianca and Tom searched the residence, she V-Lined to a master bedroom closet and alerted on a safe. Of course the residents forgot the combination to the safe. After the fire department opened the safe with the jaws of life, an additional $20,160.00 in U.S. Currency was seized from this safe. A large quantity of powered cocaine and cocaine cookies were found and about $6800.00 U.S. Currency. tom bianca 2tom bianca 3



Brian Wullweber and K-9 Doerak.


Brian Wullweber and K-9 Doerak were called out to the FedEx hub for a package search. The package that was being tracked and several others were put in a room. K-9 Doerak went in and hit the jackpot, 17 pounds of marijuana. 6/2/2008brian doerak






Marc Hopkins and K-9 Diesel.

Berrien County Sheriff's Department.

Handler Marc Hopkins and K-9 Diesel (of Berrien County Sheriff's Department) made a traffic stop on I-94. Finding 5 ounces of crack and 4 ounces of powder cocaine, located in the trunk of the vehicle. 7/8/2008mark diesel


David M. Garrison and K-9 Ranger.

David M. Garrison And K-9 Ranger with their find of 200 kilos - 5/27/2008david ranger





Matt Fiorito and K-9 Vasco

Officer Matt Fiorito & his K-9 Vasco were responsible for this 594 pound marijuana bust. The drugs were in the coolers of a semi-trailer.

matt vascomatt vasco 2


Jason Haskins and K-9 Rico.

Berrien County Sheriffs Dept

K-9 Rico indicated on 51 pounds of Marijuana at a recent traffic stop. K-9 Rico and his handler Jason Haskins are with the Berrien County Sheriffs Dept.

jason rico


Bob Liazuk & K-9 Leon.

Bolingbrook P.D.

Bob Liazuk and K-9 Leon of Bolingbrook P.D. found 5 pounds of Hydro in a garbage bag in the back seat of a car. 12/2008

bob leon


Scott Haley & K-9 Lacota.

Grant County Sheriff Dept, Marion, Indiana.

Officer Scott Haley & K-9 Lacota with Grant County Sheriff Dept, Marion, Indiana. Scott and Lacota are credited with a find of 5,522 pounds (that's $11,000.000) of marijuana. This was the largest seizure in Indiana history.


Lee Young

Making a difference in Murphreeboro TN.


Dan Parker & K-9 Rambo

2 Pounds: Methamphetamine - I-70 Indiana.


Anthony Pucillo & K-9 Brando

Contraband from a Madison (WI) Police Dept bust was closely watched by officer Anthony Pucillo & his K-9 Brando.