K9 Issa's first find and seizure.


Cristeen Stilwell & K9 Issa Coral Springs P.D. seized 48 pounds of cannabis and $256,850.00 in cash while executing a search warrant on a house.

issas first sm


K9 Lucky Alert.


December 10th 2009 K9 Lucky alerted on a garage door frozen after 6 inches of snow in 5 degree weather. During a search of the garage interior, Lucky alterted on a tool box where 9.5 Kilo's of cocaine and $123,000 cash were found. Glendale Heights P.D. IL.

don lucky sm


K9 Leon Bags Another.


On November 17th Bob Liazuk & K9 Leon were called to assist an Illinois State Trooper during a traffic stop. K9 Leon alerted on the trunk of the vehicle. A bag was found containing $118,000 in U.S. Currency.

leon nov17 2009 sm


K9 Kraft at it again.


Washoe Co. Sheriff’s Office (NV).
K9 Kraft found 98 Grams of Marijuana a pipe and approximately $82,680.00 in U.S. Currency during a traffic stop.

kraft98grams sm



Leon scored again.


Bob Liazuk & K9 Leon, Bolingbrook P.D. (IL) 10/15/2009.
Leon scored again on 10/15/09 helping out our pd's REACT team on a search warrant of a residence in Bolingbrook. He found cannabis in just about every room (and closet) in the house. A total of 3 1/4 lbs of Cannabis and just over $1,100 cash.
We did another search warrant about an hour later where he located 15 grams of cannabis but also located $1,278.00 in currency that he alerted on. My TAC guys have been keeping Leon busy said officer Liazuk.

bob leon2 sm


Pooch finds drugs in first day on job.


John Hopkins & K9 Elmo of Baroda Lake Township.

1 lb. Marijuana and $16,014.00 in cash found during a routine traffic stop on I-94

elmo sm2



$90,035.00 found during a traffic stop.


John Hopkins & K9 Elmo, Baroda Lake Township. $90,035.00 found during a routine traffic stop.

elmo sm


K-9 Kraft.


K-9 Kraft (Washoe County Sheriff’s Office) - Traffic Stop. Interstate 80, 20 lbs of MJ and 1/2 lb of Mushrooms.

kraft35lbs smkraft20lbs mj 5lbshrooms sm



Cash hit on interdiction stop I-70.


While working with the Vigo Co Drug Task Force this car was stopped on I-70 West bound and Jerry Lee indicated on the dash of the car. The cash was found hidden in the dash wrapped in electical tape. 11 bundles were found with a total of $82,640 dollars. The driver was headed back to Texas from Ohio. jerry lee sm








D/S Bolonka, Det. Troy Norman and K-9 "Sandy".


D/S Bolonka, Det. Troy Norman and K-9 Sandy found 22 pounds of marijuana in St. Lucie, Florida. troy sandy sm