K-9 Zina tours the train station..

On January 17, 2019 at 0600 hours K-9 Zina and I started our tour of duty at the train station. We observed the train arrive which originated out of Los Angeles, CA. K-9 Zina and I had boarded the train. K-9 Zina was conducting sniff checks of luggage in the common luggage area and alerted to a large gray hard-sided suitcase. We observed a passenger pick up the large gray hard-sided suitcase and exit the train. I made contact with the passenger, who subsequently gave me consent to search the suitcase. I conducted a search of the suitcase and located 5.1 pounds of Methamphetamine that was inside of a large cookie box. I also located a pair of tennis shoes inside of the suitcase and located two bundles in the shape of insoles, which were determined to be 3 pounds Heroin.

After the arrest at the train station K-9 Zina and I continued our day at the bus station as normal. K-9 Zina showed no signs of being ill. At the end of our tour of duty K-9 Zina and I responded home and I fed her like any other day. I had placed K-9 Zina in her out door kennel as I routinely did every day for the past seven years. K-9 Zina and I had planned on returning to work later that evening as our squad had planned to work the bus station. I responded back out to K-9 Zina’s kennel to get her ready to head back into work and she did not run out of her kennel as she usually does. I observed K-9 Zina abdomen to be extremely bloated. I checked her mouth and observed her gums to be turning white in color so I knew that her circulation was being hindered. My wife was at home at the time and she also observed K-9 Zina to be in distress, so we made the decision to respond to The Veterinary Center of Liberty, located In Liberty, Missouri. K-9 Zina was examined by Lori Rohlfing DVM and K-9 Zina was rushed to have X-rays of her abdomen. Dr. Rohfling immediately was able to determine that K-9 Zina was suffering from Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) and that her stomach had twisted completely blocking blood flow to and from the stomach and the rest of her body (including to and from the heart). K-9 Zina also had a very low heart rate and it became apparent that she needed to have emergency surgery to save her life. Dr. Rohlfing rushed K-9 Zina into surgery hoping to save her life. K-9 Zina had to have her spleen removed and her stomach was placed back into place. K-9 Zina also had a Gastropexy procedure to keep her stomach from flipping in the future.

K-9 Zina was released a day later and came home. K-9 Zina was placed on limited duty for two weeks. During these two weeks K-9 Zina received consent treatment and supervision with the help of my wife and family. K-9 Zina made a speedy recovery and returned to full duty after the third week. K-9 Zina has made numerous narcotic and currency seizures since her return and we are truly thankful that she was able to recover. Since this incident I feed K-9 Zina small meals when she has enough time to eat with limited activity, which can be difficult with the work that she does. I also make sure to limit the amount of water intake so that she does not drink too much at one time.

In the end K-9 Zina’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle and was only possible with the help of DVM Lori Rohlfing and her team and the support of my family.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Part one; Marijuana
On 4-1-19 at 1800 hours CIS Detective Brinker along with Sgt. Tice assisted, DEA TFO with a freight investigation in the 3900 block of West Morris. DEA had lead information that a load of marijuana located at this local freight company. Due to the company’s, wishes this investigation was kept low key with minimal staffing. Detective Brinker utilized his partner, Kruz, who gave an indication to narcotic odor emanating from one trailer. A search warrant was applied for and granted. Detectives executed the search warrant on 2 palletized and shrink wrapped pieces of freight. Inside the shrink wrap was approximately 200 pounds of high grade marijuana (at least 24% THC). This load of marijuana was surrounded by 69 grow lights still in their original packaging.

Part Two: THC and Marijuana
On 4/2/19 Criminal interdiction Detective Brinker, his Canine Partner. Kruz, and Sgt. Tice assisted DEA TFO Chandler on another investigation at a local freight company in the 3900 block of West Morris. DEA had done some follow up with contacts at this freight company. Through their company’s records, they had learned of 4 more pallets that were destined for the same area, from the same origin, and with the same shipping individual. Kruz gave positive indication to one trailer and then positive indication on the pallets inside. A warrant was applied for and granted. Detectives executed the warrant and seized approximately 1,000 pounds of high potency THC edibles, vapes, and marijuana from these pallets.

Gary F. Hadden
Interdiction Detective
Narcotics Canine Handler/Trainer
Criminal Interdiction Section
Homeland Security Investigations T.F.O.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Department Of Public Safety
50 N. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204